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  • 1203. Billy Goat Trail A

    Welcome to Section A of the Billy Goat Trail, one of the most strenuous trails on the East Coast. The semi-circular trail is only 1.7 miles long, but it takes most people about 2 hours to hike. You can add another 20-30 minutes on the towpath to get back to your car. Make sure you are wearing the proper shoes, the trail is very rocky. There are a few simple rules. No dogs. Absolutely no swimming. No bikes. Carry out all your trash. Make sure you have enough drinking water. Stay on the blue-blazed trail because you are entering a globally unique and fragile ecosystem. The species that thrive together here will not be found together any where else on the planet. And please, take only pictures, leave only footprints. If you need help, call the Park emergency line 866-677-6677 or dial 911. Enjoy your hike. It will be an adventure!