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  • 1406. Rumors and Gossip (WWI)

    During World War One, the Great Falls Mine of Maryland employed about 100 men to search for gold on this very property.  The company brought in a lot of new equipment, did a lot of digging, sunk a 200 foot shaft and even prospected on the surface.  In fact, you can still see some of the trenches they dug on the trail.  Well, the locals started talking about all the activity here, and soon enough there was a rumor flying around that the trenches were being dug for invading German troops.  Sent by the Kaiser himself.  Soon enough, the government heard about the rumors, so the U.S. Geological Survey sent out Mr. H.G. Ferguson.  He discovered that the company was doing nothing more than mining for gold.  The company itself was also having problems, with all the rumors swirling about, so on March 20, 1917, the boss, Mr. Hassan, issued this notice:
    Employees of the Great Falls Mine of Maryland making propaganda for the benefit of the rulers of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey or Bulgaria, or their governments, or who shall incite to riot other employees or people living upon the properties of the Great Falls Mine of Maryland, will be summarily discharged and reported immediately by this management to the State and Federal authorities…”  
    Oh, there can be so much fear and power behind rumors and gossip. 
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